Why you send your staff to a public training programme

Here are 7 great reasons for taking a public course with OneAlpha Training:

1. Great networking opportunities with other companies. Enhance your company’s profile and visibility with your staff as representatives.


2. Gain a wider perspective. Know what other businesses similar to yours are doing.


3. Get out of your comfort zone. Communicate with others and improve your social skills.


4. Bring out hidden strengths and skills. Being with strangers who have different ideas will make you more aware of your personal strengths.

5. Address hot issues in a neutral environment. You may be tired of talking about an issue in the office but in public training, get objective viewpoints and unthought-of solutions.


6. Get in touch with ideas that are trending. And add your knowledge to the pool as well.


7. Build staying power in employees, reducing turnover. Training gives us a lot of feedback, which can give us a new commitment to our work skills.


8. Enjoy great food, great surroundings! We always choose pleasant venues with a good selection of refreshments and meals

Review our public course calendar for 2019 for the right course for you and/or your staff.