Why training your staff is so important

“People are the key building blocks of a company …”

Recently, we called a few companies to ask them if they’d like to send some of their staff to our public programmes. The first answer we got astonished us: “We don’t send our staff for training.” Another was, “We don’t have a training budget!”

And yet we’d observed that these same companies had several operational issues: customer complaints and lack of loyalty, a rapid staff turnover and three managers leaving in under 8 months. Not to mention failure to keep up with customer demand.

People are the key building blocks of a company and like all the other company assets, they need upgrading from time to time. A photocopier can go on working with minimal maintenance, but a person regularly needs guidance not just for increasing knowledge, but also to boost self-esteem and well-being.

 With depression being the major cause of work slackness, managers need to keep a finger on the pulse of their team members’ morale. Training helps them do that in rich and enjoyable ways for the staff who learn while they have fun on the interactive programmes.

“People are the key building blocks of a company …”

Some aspects, of course, can be addressed in-house, but often, an external specialist acting as a neutral party is just the fix needed to power renewed interest and enthusiasm at work and diffuse any office politics.

 During training, staff members get a lot of attention and opportunities to try out their skills in various areas, consolidate what they know and add on new skills. They learn to communicate better about their ideas and know how to speak up about changes they’d like to propose.

 Many of our courses can also enable staff members to step up to the next promotional challenge.

 Talk to us about your needs, as we provide public courses tailored to the needs of those attending, as well as in-house training and consultancy.

Susan Amy

OneAlpha Training senior consultant